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Here you'll find links to helpful tools, software and resources, that I love, save me time, organise me or my businesses or that I simply can't function without! Have fun!


helps me communicate
Don't know about Zoom? Zoom is free software that allows us to chat via the internet in a variety of ways for yup you guessed it free! We can have video chats and meetings, share our screen with each other, have voice only meetings and even the good ol' fashioned text chat, and did I mention, all for free?

It's available on all devices so whether you're a PC/Android girl like me or have Apple and iPhone everything we can still video chat :) It's the best communication solution that I've found that enable's me to have meetings with everyone, everywhere, plus I absolutely love it, because you know it rocks!

  • Don't have a free Zoom account yet? No worries sign up for it here :)
  • Want to download it for iPhone or iPad? No worries here you go :)
  • Need a version for your Android device? I've got you here you go :)


automates my business and keeps me sane 😉
By now you may have noticed how much I love Dubsado, it's quite literally at the heart of my business. It keeps all my client management, contracts, invoices, proposals, quotes, leads, forms, questionnaires, client portals, call and meeting schedulers, workflows and automations all in one place and easy to manage. It takes some time setting-up but once it is, I'll be honest with you, its so worth it! Dubsado automates huge parts of my business and I quite simply can't run my business without it!

If you use my affiliate link below you can sign up for a free - no time limit - trial, you are just limited up to 3 clients but can trial it for however long you would like to! Plus, if you use my offer code when you do decide to upgrade your account (which I'm sure you will 😉), you can get a whopping 20% discount off either your first month or first years Dubsado subscription!!

Visit their website using the button below and use this discount code to grab your 20% off!!

Discount Code: celestialarts


allows me to share easily editable graphics with you :)
When I’m wearing my graphic design hat I use Adobe’s Creative Cloud software to create industry standard files that meet printers, magazines, packaging manufacturers or advertisers’ requirements for logo design, branding design, business cards, items for print, ads, custom product packaging etc. etc.

However, none of you lovely peeps want to pay for or learn Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, just to be able to make a change to your social media graphics, workbooks, blog post pics etc. that I’ve just beautifully designed and crafted specifically for you and your brand, and why should you?!?!

Canva to the rescue, Canva’s awesome suite of features make it super easy, using their drag and drop tool to edit and make changes to any graphics, templates or documents I’ve designed in Canva for you, and shared with you. I can create anything you may need for your social media channels, website or blog even workbooks for your online courses, all branded to you and your business, in your style and colour scheme to match your website, but guess what... you can easily edit it!! 😊 You can also have a bash at creating your own!!

Canva offer a free account but if you sign up via the button below you can trial the Canva Pro account which unlocks tons of fabulous features, including photos, templates, resizing your design to any format and you can even create your own animations and gif’s! (I may be doing myself out of a job here 😂😂


keeps me organised and on track
I use Trello to organise my personal projects, my business projects and my client projects. Yup I’m one of those people, I like to plan everything out, keep it organised and check it off when it’s done (there’s just something so satisfying when you click that done check box 😊)

I’ve used tons and tons of project management software, apps, spreadsheets, tools, you name it, over the past 25 years and as much as I love Asana (which is also free), Trello has allowed me to simplify my project management and not go too overboard (which I can easily do!), plus I love how pretty I can make my boards too 😉

Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way, so if you fancy getting yourself and your business organised click on the button below to create a free Trello account 😊


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