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Template static website for your business. Choose from up to a 6 Page, 8 Page or a 12 Page Website. This website is perfect for anyone who wants to write and provide their own content (text, images and photos), then send it on over to moi to input your content & images, along with the template and build.

The Tech Sure Static Template Business Website also includes expertly designed pages based upon your chosen template, an optional CMS blog, standard SEO website optimization to help with those important Google rankings, social media and newsletter integration, template favicon and social media icons, GDPR privacy policy, plus one year of web hosting and domain name, to name but a few!!

Check out the full list of everything included in this website package below.

Tech Sure + Static + Template + Business Website Includes:


    choose from the available beautifully crafted templates and includes template customisation to your brand and colour scheme
  • Pages expertly designed

    to speak to your target audience and position you as a leader in your industry, within the style of your chosen template

    You supply me with your content, text, images and photographs and I input them into your website pages for you
  • Tech Sure Static Website

    there are no moving parts or cogs and whistles (no plugins or website platform to keep constantly up-to-date), whilst still ranking highly on Google, quite literally a maintenance free website!
  • Other Features include

    contact form, galleries, submit a review/testimonial form, price lists
  • Standard SEO Website Optimisation

    to help you rank with Google
  • Social Media & Newsletter Integration

    let’s make it easy for your site visitors to follow you on social media and sign-up for your newsletter

    based on your chosen template
  • Responsive website

    with Desktop, Tablet and Mobile friendly versions

    easy to use editor designed for you Tech Sure types, access to content formatting features and functions, without the fear of being able to break anything! Promise!
  • GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy

    helps you stay compliant, Solicitor Checked (UK) (worth £150)
  • Cookie & GDPR Policy Acceptance

    on first visit to website and on forms within website
  • Built-in Sitemap

    that helps Google read, understand and rank your website

    From your initial enquiry to your website going live you can expect the following support: 1 x Discovery Call with moi, Client Portal, Project Management Updates via Boards within Client Portal, 1 x Your Website Training Session with moi (upon launch)

    Once your website goes live you can expect: Support via my helpdesk (Mon -Thur), Exploration Meeting/Call with moi (2 per year), 'How To' Videos and Tutorials, Client Portal, Project Assets or Style Guides via Client Portal
  • 1 Year Standard Website Hosting

    on Amazon Web Services (AWS) one of the world’s largest and most stable hosting platforms, which guarantees the highest level of security, performance and reliability so you can provide your site visitors the best possible experience. £120 per year, yearly renewal required.
  • 1 Year Domain Name

    with world renowned IONOS, £30 per year, yearly renewal required.
  • Optional G Suite & Domain Assistance

    I do not offer email services however I include help setting-up G Suite with your Domain Name (Receive a discount off your first year if you sign up for G Suite via my link and using my promo code - Request link and promo code)
  • Optional Monthly Content Update Plan

    to help you keep your website content up-to-date and relevant, includes either 4 content updates or 2 Blog articles every month £80 per month (1 month rolling contract that can be cancelled at any time, you write the content or blog articles and pass to moi to add to your website).
  • Optional CMS Blog

    to help you connect with your audience and share news and articles with your readers

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Sounds amazing right?!? No? What do you mean no! Only joking, the Tech Sure Static Template Business website is part of my cheap and cheerful website range so, if it’s not got enough features, you don’t want to write and provide your own content, have your content & images inputted for you or you're not Tech Sure or wanted a Custom Website instead of a Template, no worries, take the Tech Type Quiz, or check out the Tech Sure Static Custom Business Website using the links below :)
To find out your Tech Type, take the quiz, it’s only 5 questions and will help me tailor my services to your needs, have fun!
If you are Tech Sure but wish to check out the Static Custom Business Website instead, no worries, here you go!
Sounds amazing right ?!? Awesome!! So the Tech Sure Static Template Business website, part of my cheap and cheerful website range is what you're looking for? Fabulous, so just to double check - it’s got the features you are looking for, you want to write and provide your own content, have your content & images inputted for you, a Static website, you're Tech Sure and want a Template, woohoo, let's get this party started!

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I love working with small businesses and solopreneurs from
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