• Tailored Web Design & Websites for Tech Shy's
Tailored Web Design & Websites for

Tech Shy's

Woohoo, so you’ve taken the Tech Type Quiz and discovered you’re Tech Shy! Fabulous! I promise I can help; I’ve had lots of Tech Shy clients during the past 19 years, successfully helped them all take their business online and became close friends to boot so I'm sure I can help you too!
Most of the Tech Shy’s I know would rather have me take care of every aspect of their website from start to finish, so with this in mind all of my Tech Shy website packages include, full copywriting of your website, curation of Stock Photos and images and the content creation and I offer an optional monthly content update plan, so if you don’t wish too, you never have to even touch your website! Perfect for Tech Shy's that don't like to get their hands (tech) dirty! (Okay, okay, bad pun I know!)

Obviously, this means creating a strong and close working relationship between us, where I understand your brand inside and out and we meet virtually on a regular basis as I need your precious feedback throughout the whole process.

Below you’ll find all my Web Design and Website Services I offer to you adorable Tech Shy’s. Each one is tailored just for you 😊


Can't decide which type of website is best for you? No worries Book a call or Zoom meeting with me and we'll discover your perfect match :)

Tech Shy Custom Business Website

Static Websites

Tech Shy Static websites are what I like to think of as my cheap and cheerful website range, they are perfect if you are just starting out, on a budget or short on time!

Static Websites are just as the name suggests, static, there are no moving parts or cogs and whistles (no plugins or website platform to keep constantly up to date), they rank highly on Google, and are quite literally a maintenance free website! You see they are built using good ‘ole HTML and CSS using a very clever, easy to use Website Editor, which is perfect for Tech Shy’s that would like to dip their toe in at updating their website content.

Don’t let their simplicity and ease of use fool you, they also pack a powerful punch, they include an optional CMS blog and CMS E-Commerce add-on that both integrate seamlessly into your static website, whilst opening an even bigger world of website functionality.

CMS Websites

Tech Shy CMS websites are my crème-de-la-crème website range, for functionality, bespoke designs and custom content structures. They are perfect for complex website projects, businesses with lots of content and content types, larger websites and businesses looking for a website that will easily grow and expand with them.

CMS Websites are Content Management System websites, as the name suggests, the content of the website is stored within a management system, you only need enter the content once, and then as I build and develop your website I can pull that content to any part of the website as needed. Your website pages are also mainly dynamic, as they change as you enter and add new content. The platform that I build my CMS Website range within also means there in no maintenance required, so no worrying about plugin or website updates and compatibility issues 😊

These websites are my crème-de-la-crème range, they offer the greatest functionality and features, including Blog and E-Commerce options and I’m able to build customised to you, content structures, so you don’t need to try to fit your content into a particular content type, instead, I make content types that are perfect for you!

Request a Custom Website Quote

Not sure whether Static or CMS is the best website choice for you? Or need a few more pages, functions or integrations than you can see in the website options? No worries you can request a custom website quote, tailored to you and your needs!
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