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Web Design & Websites

Web Design

I offer everything from Beautifully Designed Custom Websites and Template Websites, to Business Websites and E-Commerce Websites however, I do things a little (alright totally! 😊) differently around here compared to other Web Designers & Developers you may know. Why you may be asking, good question! Visit the Web Design Services page to find out more!

Graphic Design

Probably considered my happy place, you'll find me hanging around in Adobe Illustrator or dare I say it Adobe Fireworks (I'm old school 😉) and even Canva for the majority of my day! I offer everything from Beautifully Designed Brand Identities, Logos and Magazine Ads, to Stationery, Product Packaging, E-Books & Workbooks, Social Media Graphics and pretty much everything in-between 😂. Visit the Graphic Design Services page to find out more!
Tech Shy Custom Business Website

Web Solutions & Integrations

From Website Updates, AI Website Audits, and Mailchimp Services to integrating web solutions like Dubsado and Calendly and 1:1 Mentoring and Training Sessions for Dubsado, Calendly, automating your website & processes, Mailchimp and everything web & tech (as long as it's in my wheelhouse 😉)! With 20 years' experience designing and building websites, graphic design, process automation and software integrations, I offer a wide range of services to help with either a new website or your existing website. Visit the Web Solutions & Integrations page to see how I can help!
Dubsado & Calendly Integrations

Quirky Content

You know you need to create awesome content that helps you connect with your dream customer and clients but sometimes you don’t know where to start or are struggling to find the time. If this sound familiar I offer various quirky content services, from help with your copywriting, amazing images or graphics to videos and animation for your website or social media that fits your brand beautifully but also helps you stand out from the crowd. Visit the Quirky Content page to see how I can save, *cough, I mean help you! 😉
Celestial Arts Académie

Business Académie

This is where you will find all of my courses, training's, mentoring, 1:1's & coaching sessions and my all important freebies, conveniently all-in-one place, ready for you to peruse, browse, download, read, work through, learn and enjoy at your leisure and own pace.

Yay! It's good to be you, you lucky peep 😊 So as they say, ready to get this party started?
Académie Fellowship

Your Biz Online

The Your Biz Online fellowship (can you tell I’m a geek yet 😉), is like a virtual coffee shop, it's the cool place where small business owners and solopreneurs can connect, grow, support, develop and learn together.

Inside the group, I also hold Trainings and Masterclasses on a huge variety of tools and topics including Dubsado, Calendly, Trello and Canva, not to mention the monthly Coffee & Tech Chat and other helpful free and valuable content! So come join our private free FB Group and connect with like minded peeps 😊
Celestial Arts Académie

The Boutique

This is where you will find beautiful graphics & D.I.Y templates at a fabulous price.

I don't believe a unique brand identity should be out of anyone's reach. I'm here to help Solopreneurs and Small Business owners, work smarter not harder and blossom online, which is why I've created the Celestial Arts Boutique.
I love working with small businesses and solopreneurs from
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