Woohoo! You're

Tech Sure

  • Device Adept

    can carefully use new devices
  • App Dabbler

    learn new apps or software, in time
  • Online Potterer

    prefer to do only the essentials online
  • Accessorize

    smart device is safe (tucked away in your bag!)

AKA... Tech Tolerant

You know your tech better than you think, and you can make the most of it, with a little helping hand, go you!

You can handle your fair share of content updates, website tweaks and even add a bit of HTML, when following 'step-by-step' guides, you’ve got useful apps on your main device, you know where your calendar is and you like to stay in the current century when it comes to your gadgets and tech.

You tolerate your tech!

Your Tech Sure
That’s awesome, go you, however I’m guessing you’re here because you need a hand getting techie things set-up, or would love to get your website and online business more automated and less time consuming? And even though you could eventually figure it out yourself, who has the time, am I right?!?
It’s not that we use technology, we live technology.

No worries I’m here to help. I can build you a beautiful website, that requires no maintenance, where you can easily keep your content up-to-date, and with my Static Website Range still have control over your websites content layouts and styles, without the hassle or time it takes to build it yourself!

Check out the range of services I offer, tailored to your audacious Tech Sure needs :)
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