Woohoo! You're

Tech Shy

  • Device Novice

    avoid using new devices
  • App Fledgling

    know new apps or software exist
  • Online Aspirant

    aspire to learn to do something online
  • Accessorize

    smart device is.. somewhere around here

AKA... Technophobe

Okay, okay enough of the teasing, being Tech Shy is not a bad thing. We all have different skills and strengths and I promise you there is nothing wrong with Tech not being one of them!

You evade your tech!

Your Tech Shy
Please don't think for one minute that as a Tech Shy I can't help you, I love helping Tech Shy's get their business online, seeing their confidence grow and to be honest, they are usually my most successful clients too!
Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window.

I’m here to help. I can build you a beautiful website, that requires no maintenance, that you can easily keep your content up-to-date (if you so choose) and still have access to content editing features, that won't let you break your website, without the hassle or time it takes to build it yourself!

Check out the range of services I offer, tailored to your Tech Shy needs :)
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